Research team

Wordpress_Image_Mike2Dr Michael Brennan. Dr. Michael Brennan is a graduate of both Trinity College Dublin and UCD with degrees in microbiology, environmental science and urban biodiversity. Michael has three core research themes: (1) urban biodiversity; (2) cataloguing and modelling environmental resource use; and (3) spatial planning, institutional coordination and governance. Currently, Michael is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow working on the Dublin Tree Canopy Study. In this project Michael is investigating the urban forestry cover of the urban areas in Dublin.  This project seeks to quantify the canopy cover area and assess its spatial distribution, identify the proportion of canopy in public ownership and estimate the environmental services provided by the current cover. Additionally, this project will compare how Dublin compares to other major European cities in terms of canopy cover, and make recommendations for tree canopy expansion.

In parallel to the Dublin Tree Canopy Study, Michael is participating in two international research networks. Firstly, he is part of the New Commons Project. This project assesses the practicalities of collecting improved urban forestry data through the integration of satellite imagery and crowdsourcing. Secondly, he is a participant on COST Action FP1204 – Green Infrastructure Approach – which is exploring the environmental and social aspects in the study and management of urban forests.

Wordpress_Image_TineDr Tine Ningal  completed his PhD in 2012 from the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy in UCD, a Masters in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Wageningen University in 2005 and a Professional Masters in Cartography and Geovisualization (2001) in ITC, Twente Univerity, both masters were completed in the Netherlands. His first degree is in Cartography (1995) from University of Technology, Lae, Papua New Guinea.

His research and teaching interests include GIS, physical geography, urban trees/urban environments, energy and well-being. He has collaborated with a number of researchers over time and is presently collaborating with Dr. Gerald Mills and Dr. Michael Brennan to assess the canopy cove of Greater Dublin Area (GDA) for Dublin City Authorities.

In the last couple of years he has collaborated with a number researchers within Europe and US to assess the subjective well-being of people and the level of environmental quality and other objective and subjective measures, environment, energy and pollution being some of the main factors. A number of publications resulted from these collaborations.

Like Michael, Tine is also involved in COST Action FP1204. This is an ongoing project that will end in early 2017 with books, book chapters and papers currently in progress. Detail information on his research activates can be found at LinkedIn,ResearchGate and Academia

Wordpress_Image_GeraldDr Gerald Mills is an expert in urban form and urban climates, with a research focus that exploring how design and planning can create comfortable and healthy outdoor environments. Gerald has extensive experience in the characterisation of GBI elements at fine spatial scales, and a strong national and international research network exploring how differing urban configurations influence urban microclimates, urban liveability and urban atmospheres